We’d secured our second round of funding on a solid 2 years of growth. Soon after we’d closed Series B, our growth rates started to taper. Within about 4 months, it was clear that our go-to-market approach had never fully been rationalized. The leadership team knew we needed to rethink. E&I helped my leadership team understand the nuts and bolts of a coordinated marketing, sales and operations program.

Sales Strategy

We’d been selling our solution to other businesses with no problem. With support from former colleagues and a range of supporters, we’d really made traction. Then we started to get popular. Little did we know scaling a salesforce could be so complex; E&I set us down the path to success with their experienced-based insight.

- SaaS Marketing/Customer Insight Platform CRO

Product Development

We’re constantly considering new feature developments and rollouts. We’ve had some flops in the past – a waste of time and money. Growth marketers and product developers will often pursue developments with bias, which can have real consequences. E&I helped us perform sophisticated feature identification exercises. They even used Monte Carlo simulations to gauge risk. It was a learning experience.

- SaaS Real Estate Startup Product Manager

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