E & I Advisors

We are the management consultancy that offers more!

our services


E&I Advisors offers a suite of services that can be scoped according to our clients’ needs. We aim to be our clients’ trusted advisor; if there is a problem that your management team can’t fix, we can help!


E&I was founded to assist businesses of all sizes and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. With expertise from multiple industries and across functional areas, we tackle any problem that our clients face.


We work in an Agile teaming structure, iterating and testing in quick sprints with our clients. We believe that flexibility and experimentation is the key to success.

our Workflow


Our first job is to gain expert level understanding of our clients' businesses. Through rigorous data analysis, stakeholder interviews and competitive research, we develop a clear picture of your business and its challenges.


After we've become experts at our client's business, we devise a comprehensive plan, which scopes a project that will remediate all areas impacted by our client's problem. Our team designs a plan that moves at the pace of our client.


As the team executes against the plan, E&I revises and pivots its execution strategy as results are received. We aim to keep experiments direct and short-term to maximize impact!

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